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The History of Home Zone Furniture

Home Zone Furniture has been around since the early 2000s, offering high-quality furniture pieces to customers around the world. Since its inception, Home Zone Furniture has built a solid reputation as one of the best furniture companies, priding itself on delivering top-notch products with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at the history of Home Zone Furniture and how it has become a leader in its industry.

Is Home Zone Furniture Good Quality

Home Zone Furniture is a specialty furniture store that has been providing quality furniture to customers since spring of 2011. Home Zone connects with big-name brands to bring customers a large selection of quality, functional and affordable furniture for every room in the house.

With its emphasis on customer satisfaction, Home Zone Furniture provides shoppers with the latest trends in home décor and also carries items from the leading suppliers in the furniture industry. From sofas and love seats to entire bedroom suites, Home Zone can provide customers with quality products at competitive prices.

The company takes pride in only offering reputable brands – focused on making sure each product meets their high standards for comfort and design before reaching their inventory shelves. Home Zone’s exclusive selection of mattresses as well as thematically-coordinated bedroom sets are created with only high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship that guarantee great durability. These products maintain excellent comfort ratings while keeping pace with today’s style trends.

In addition to offering well-crafted traditional designs, Home Zone also offers modern pieces that make a bold style statement through unique shapes, colors and patterns – perfect for those who want their homes to stand out above the rest! Customers have a lot of choices when it comes to shopping at Home zone Furniture – they’re giving their customers access to some of the top names in home furnishing without breaking their budgets!

Home Zone Furniture’s Mission and Values

Home Zone Furniture is a vertically integrated retailer that has been providing quality home furniture since 2007. Founded on the principles of “Quality-style-value,” Home Zone Furniture strives to bring functional, stylish furniture to its customers at affordable prices. The company is dedicated to creating an enjoyable shopping experience for its customers and offering the latest trends in home décor with top-tier service.

Home Zone Furniture’s mission statement is “We make beautiful home furniture accessible and affordable so everyone can enjoy a higher quality of life. We strive to provide our customers with superior customer service, selection, value and trust.” Its values are centered around customer satisfaction and quality service: respect for each other and our customers; determination to exceed expectations; enthusiasm for feedback; dedication to excellence; collaboration with everyone we work with; commitment to win as a team.

The company focuses on six core values: trustworthiness, integrity, respectfulness, responsibility, dependability and professional courtesy. These fundamental attributes guide employee behavior every day – from sales interactions with customers all the way up through management decisions that affect the entire organization – ensuring all customers receive the best experience possible.

Home Zone offers excellent quality for an unbeatable value on select designs from its extensive catalog of living room furniture sets, dining room collection sets or bedroom sets made from either solid wood or manufactured wood products like medium density fiberboard (MDF). No matter what style you’re after – modern, contemporary or traditional – Home Zone has something appropriate for any decorating motif that won’t burn through your wallet but still looks great in your home.

Home Zone Furniture Products

Home Zone Furniture has been providing quality home furnishings since 1997. Based in the United States, they manufacture a wide range of furniture pieces that combine style and functionality. Their products range from bedroom sets and chairs to entertainment centers and office desks. They are known for their attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship, making them a popular choice for many homeowners.

We will further explore the quality of Home Zone Furniture products in this article.

Types of Furniture Offered

Home Zone Furniture has been providing quality furniture solutions since 1979. Their commitment to providing excellent customer service, competitive pricing and the highest level of customer satisfaction has made them a leading provider of home furnishings for over four decades. Home Zone Furniture specializes in modern, contemporary and traditional furniture solutions for every room in your home.

The broad range of furniture styles offered by Home Zone is designed to meet the needs of all customers, whether they are looking for a sofa to sit and relax in or stylish bedroom furniture that compliments the decor.

Home Zone offers an extensive variety of living room sofas, sectionals, recliners and loveseats. Their selection also includes accent chairs, end tables, cocktail tables, entertainment centers and media storage units to match any style. In addition to offering their signature furnishings lines including Radiance Living Room Collection and Monarch Bedroom Collection, Home Zone also provides an eclectic assortment of occasional pieces from multiple suppliers such as Signature Design by Ashley and Bobkona Living Room Encounter Groups.

The bedroom collections offered by Home Zone are guaranteed to make your sleep space more comfortable with contemporary and traditional designs along with kid’s collections customizable options available from brands like Hillsdale Lebanon Beautiful Upholstered Beds Collection or Powell Mazalt Bunk Bed Set collection for shared bedrooms. The selection further includes youth bedroom sets complete with twin beds along with cheerful patterns like desert plains finish making it perfect for active young minds yearning for adventure living through stories before bedtime. Select from classic wooden beds or sleek metal framed beds in matching dressers nightstands & mirrors that will give bedrooms a unified look & feel safe comfortable haven truly necessary deep restful sleep wake up fresh new day invigorated with creative ideas what can surly put into productive projects study or just enjoying life each day happily pleasantly way

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Quality of Home Zone Furniture

Home Zone Furniture is a furniture retailer that has been in business for over 70 years. They specialize in offering quality furniture and home décor items at competitive prices. Home Zone Furniture is distinguished by their use of carefully selected, high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

They offer a wide selection of stylish furnishings, ranging from traditional to contemporary. All products are made with the highest standards of quality and attention to detail. Every piece of furniture is hand crafted using only solid wood, superior metals and upholstery fabrics, allowing each item to become your personalized piece of luxury décor.

Their commitment to excellence is evident in their strict quality control process which includes everything from the initial selection of materials to the completed product design. They source all raw materials from reliable suppliers and ensure each product conforms to specific environmental safety standards before being shipped out.

Home Zone Furniture pieces are designed for life-long use, all carefully constructed with complex joinery that provides strength and stability for years to come. Their products come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship as well as a 30-day money back guarantee against any issues or dissatisfaction within 30 days of purchase date if returned in its original packaging with proof of purchase. With such high standards in place, Home Zone Furniture offers shoppers peace of mind when selecting home decor items and furnishings that will last a lifetime while still maintaining an affordable price tag.

Home Zone Furniture’s Impact on the Industry

Home Zone Furniture has been a leader in the furniture industry for decades. Founded in the 1970s, Home Zone Furniture has established a reputation for quality and customer service. From their selection of traditional and modern furniture to their dedication to providing excellent customer service, Home Zone has had a huge impact on the furniture industry.

Let’s take a closer look at how Home Zone Furniture has changed the industry over the years:

Home Zone Furniture’s Influence on Other Furniture Companies

When Home Zone Furniture opened its first store in 1987, it energized the U.S. home furnishing industry with its commitment to bringing the highest quality, design and value at a reasonable cost. Many other furniture companies soon followed suit and quickly adopted the same principles in what would become known as the Home Zone approach.

Home Zone Furniture has helped foster an environment of healthy competition between its rivals, accelerating efficiency gains as companies strive to provide better services at cheaper prices for their customers. Furthermore, Home Zone Furniture was one of the first companies to introduce features such as custom furniture options, which now make up a significant portion of many retailers’ sales – with customizations ranging from materials and finishes to sizes and fabrics that can be changed according to customers’ needs.

Over time, Home Zone Furniture has come to exemplify good quality craftsmanship that can be affordable and accessible while keeping up with changing trends in the industry – trends like wider ranges of color options, contemporary designs and more sustainable materials such as bamboo or recycled wood. This ability to inspire other companies, engage consumers and keep up with larger trends all make Home Zone a leader within the furnishing industry.

Home Zone Furniture’s Impact on Home Design Trends

Since its inception in 1997, Home Zone Furniture has been an integral part of the trend in home design. Their high quality and stylish furniture has been at the forefront of home décor for decades. Founded by Jeff Scheffer, Home Zone Furniture is one of the few companies dedicated exclusively to craftsmanship, innovation and fun designs.

The company’s selection includes a broad range of items, from ready-to-assemble sofas and loveseats to armoires, sectionals and chaise lounges. Home Zone Furniture is colloquially known as “all-in-one” because they offer not just furniture but also accessories such as rugs and curtains, helping customers create a complete look for their living spaces. Thanks to the use of quality materials like hardwood solids and bronze-finished steel frame construction, each piece created by Home Zone is sure to offer years of lasting value for customers.

Home Zone Furniture also offers an array of bedroom designs including beds in a variety of styles to fit any style or budget range. This company goes out of their way to make sure that their products are built with style that helps turn your space into a warm retreat from the outside world without breaking the bank account. With choices from contemporary styles to more traditional frames with intricate design details on headboards and footboards, Home Zone Furniture really does have something for everyone!

It’s no surprise then that many people associate this brand with good quality furniture since they have gone above and beyond in providing quality construction throughout their products both aesthetically as well as deliverance regarding durability. Ahead of its time yet always timeless in fashion savvy circles – Home Zone Furniture carries qualities consistent with excellence that home consumers are looking for today while being down-to earth prices that most consumers can appreciate and afford!

Home Zone Furniture’s Popularity

Home Zone Furniture has been around for over 50 years, and its popularity has grown steadily since then. Known for its high-quality construction, classic styling, and affordability, Home Zone Furniture has become a favorite among consumers. Home Zone Furniture is known for its commitment to quality, making furniture that is built to last.

In this article, let’s take a closer look at the history of Home Zone Furniture to find out just how it became such a beloved brand.

Home Zone Furniture’s Customer Reviews

Home Zone Furniture has been on the market since the early 2000s, providing well-made and comfortable furniture for a variety of budgets. By focusing on ensuring that their quality matches the exceptional customer service, Home Zone is quickly becoming one of the most popular home furniture brands in North America.

Customers have repeatedly shared positive reviews regarding Home Zone’s furniture quality and level of comfort. Whether it’s a single chair or a full set, these reviews all attest to Home Zone’s reliability:

  • “We bought four chairs for our family room and are extremely happy with them — they look great and are incredibly comfortable to sit in.”
  • “We have several bedroom pieces from Home Zone that have been tremendous over the past several years — still as good as new!”
  • “I bought an entire living room set from them last fall and couldn’t be happier — it looks amazing and wears really well!”

Home Zone Furniture clearly sources high quality materials, attention to detail during construction, and consistent customer service they can trust if they ever require service after purchase. With their wide range of items available both in store or online customers can find something which matches their lifestyle while being confident that any purchase will hold up against normal wear and tear.

Home Zone Furniture’s Awards and Recognition

Home Zone Furniture continuously strives to be a leader in the furniture industry by providing quality products, excellent customer service and value pricing. As such, Home Zone Furniture has been the proud recipient of many awards and recognitions over the years.

In 2020, Home Zone Furniture was named one of the top furniture stores in America by Consumer Reports Magazine. The magazine noted that customers “love Home Zone’s wide selection and reasonable prices” and awarded their “Amazon-like convenience” an A+ rating for online shopping experiences.

The Better Business Bureau has given Home Zone Furniture its highest rating for customer satisfaction: an A+. The company has been recognized as having a “superior commitment to quality service, customer education and ethical business practices”.

In 2019, Forbes selected Home Zone Furniture among its list of best online tech companies on its NEXT 3000 list for customer loyalty, growth rate and leadership in the industry. This award is given to companies who display exceptional creativity and innovation while exhibiting responsible business habits that benefit their customers as well as their bottom line.

Since its founding 20 years ago, Home Zone Furniture has grown into one of America’s most popular furniture retailers with over 300 stores located across 27 states. During this time they have consistently received positive feedback from both customers and industry experts alike which is a testament to their ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction and quality products at reasonable prices.


Home Zone Furniture has been a leader in the home furniture market for more than 65 years. They offer a wide variety of furniture styles, quality craftsmanship and reasonable prices. Their employees are dedicated, knowledgeable and committed to customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, Home Zone Furniture is a reliable, high quality choice when it comes to furniture for your home, and their products are well worth considering.