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  • A Complete Guide to Reprogramming a Sentry Safe

    Why replace an old, broken safe with a new one? Never! A DIY reprogramming is the best way to update your Sentry Safe. The “how to reset sentry safe digital combination” is a guide that explains how to reprogram a Sentry Safe. The article also includes instructions on how to use the digital keypad and […]

  • The Differences Between Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

    Refrigeration is the process of cooling or freezing something by reducing its temperature. It’s typically done through an enclosed mechanical system called a refrigerator, which keeps food cold for longer periods of time. Air conditioning provides comfort to humans and other living beings without actually changing their body temperatures. The “what is domestic refrigeration and […]

  • What is a Sill Plate and What is it Used For?

    In a Nutshell: In the past, the primary function of a sill plate was to provide a strong foundation to the sills of your home. It gave you something to grab onto in an emergency, and protected the entire surface of your house. Today, sill plates are used to help support your air conditioning unit […]