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The Different Styles of Northridge Home Furniture to Sell

Northridge Home Furniture is a popular brand of furniture that offers a wide selection of style, color, and materials to fit any style of home. From traditional to modern, Northridge Home Furniture has something for everyone. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector, Northridge Home Furniture has the pieces you are looking for.

This article will provide an overview of the different style of furniture offered by Northridge and the benefits of each:

Who Sells Northridge Home Furniture

Northridge Home Furniture is a small, family-owned and operated business that has been around since 1995. Founded by John Brown, Northridge Home Furniture has long been known for its reliable craftsmanship and quality customer service. With showrooms located throughout the United States, Northridge Home Furniture has established itself as one of the industry leaders in home furniture design and manufacturing.

Northridge Home Furniture’s collection includes a wide range of styles to choose from in traditional, contemporary and transitional designs. Each piece is handcrafted using highest grade woods and modern techniques to ensure each piece meets the company’s standards of beauty, quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Northridge Home Furniture’s commitment to combining cutting edge style with modern comforts makes it an ideal choice for any customer who appreciates timeless sophistication and craftsmanship.

From classic stained wood pieces to more modern veneers, Northridge offers something for everyone from entry-level decorators to experienced home decorators alike. By collaborating with renowned international design firms such as B&B Italia, Poliform Italy, Gamma Italy or Pianca Italy, Northridge continues to stay ahead of design trends while staying true to high standards of craftsmenship it is known for worldwide.

Different Styles of Northridge Home Furniture

Northridge Home is a popular furniture store selling a variety of styles for the home. Whether you’re looking for something modern and sleek or something timeless and classic, Northridge offers furniture that suits all tastes. Here’s an overview of the different styles of Northridge Home furniture you can buy.

  • Contemporary Furniture: A contemporary look is associated with clean lines, neutral colors, and a minimalistic design. It offers sleek style with bold accents, allowing you to create a comfortable yet stylish living space. Pieces like sectional couches, ottomans, coffee tables, armchairs, and bookcases bring together any contemporary room design.
  • Modern Furniture: Modern style focuses on function more than anything else; it’s generally plain in color but adds interest with its unique shapes and statement pieces. Its pieces are usually made from minimal materials such as glass or metal; this includes items like end tables, wall art, cabinets, dining tables and chairs.
  • Rustic Furniture: This type of styling captures an old-world charm that provides your home with rustic sophistication which can make it feel warm and inviting. Common items include wooden furniture such as nightstands or beds that are finished by hand; this is complemented by distressed leather couches or upholstered chairs to add texture to a space.
  • Traditional Furniture: Traditional style leans towards the old-fashioned – think woodwork arms on your side tables and heavy carpets on your floorboards – but it works great when paired with modern elements to help balance out the overall look in your home. Bed frames come in dark woods as well as wingback chairs containing luxurious fabrics while small accents like trinkets boxed vases add elegance to any traditional room setting.
  • Transitional Furniture: For those seeking an amalgamation of modern yet traditional pieces looking to merge two distinctively different styles together – then transitional furniture may be just the right fit! Items blend warm woods with luxurious fabrics create a softer look than what your typical modern furnishings present yet offer enough clean lines so not to overwhelm any rooms structure as traditional furniture does which allows it to transition between looks easily making this perhaps one of the most versatile styling options available today!

Types of Northridge Home Furniture

Northridge Home Furniture is a popular brand that offers a wide variety of furniture pieces to suit any home decor. From traditional looks to modern vibes, there is something for everyone. Homeowners who are looking to buy Northridge Home Furniture will be able to choose from different styles, such as contemporary, rustic, classic, and more.

In this article, we will explore the different types of Northridge Home Furniture available to buy:

Traditional Northridge Home Furniture

Traditional Northridge Home Furniture is characterized by classic lines, timeless silhouettes and stylish details. With an emphasis on heirloom-quality materials, Northridge has been crafting quality bedroom, alfresco and living room furniture for more than two decades. From classic reproduction to contemporary trends, each piece of traditional furniture showcases the highest quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Choose from mahogany, cherry and oak finishes in a vast array of colors; armoires, classically inspired seating and bed frames; an assortment of storage pieces like cabinets and shelves; as well as coordinating occasional tables.

Whether your home is sprawling estate or cozy apartment, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in Northridge’s furniture collections. Right at home in any décor, traditional Northridge Home Furniture provides the perfect foundation for creating beautiful spaces that will last for generations to come.

Modern Northridge Home Furniture

Modern Northridge Home Furniture is perfect for those who want stylish and updated furnishings. This style features sleek, geometric lines with bold shapes and statement pieces. Northridge modern furniture offers a wide selection of furniture for any room in your home. Whether you’re looking to set up a minimalist dining area or cozy home office, there is no shortage of options in this range.

In the living room, you can find mid-century modern sofas and sectionals in various shapes, sizes, fabrics and colors that create an inviting seating area. Matching ottomans, chair and chaise lounges provide luxury comfort no matter the decor theme. You can also find matching coffee tables and TV stands that offer plenty of storage options while remaining true to the modern aesthetic.

You can extend this style into your bedroom with a contemporary bedframe featuring a solid wood platform or tufted headboard design that adds texture to the space. Complete your bedroom look with matching nightstands, dressers, chests and armoires for clutter-free storage solutions that support the style of modern Northridge Home Furniture throughout your space.

Other popular items in this collection include:

  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Office desks for the perfect place to work from home.

Contemporary Northridge Home Furniture

Contemporary Northridge Home Furniture offers a wide range of stylish, quality pieces for modern homes. With sleek silhouettes and elegant color palettes, these pieces can bring a touch of sophistication to any room. Typically crafted with sleek lines and bold design accents, contemporary furniture is perfect for enhancing interiors with renewed energy and fresh perspectives.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your enjoyment of living areas or add an extra touch of luxury to bedrooms or dining rooms, Northridge Home Furniture has something to fit your needs.

The contemporary style offers many varieties, from armchairs and small tables to full-sized sofa sets and dining room suites. No matter the size of the space you have or the budget you’re working with, there’s sure to be a piece in Northridge Home Furniture’s collection that perfectly fits both your needs and style preferences.

Offered in earthy colors such as deep browns paired with greens or subtle yellows balanced with earthy beiges – Northridge Home Furniture provides many options for those looking for both comfortable furnishings as well as fashion-forward statement pieces for their homes. The perfect way to redefine the modern home experience!

Rustic Northridge Home Furniture

Northridge Home Furniture offers an impressive variety of furniture in a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary. One style that stands out from the rest is the rustic collection.

The rustic Northridge Home Furniture pieces have a unique atmosphere and charm, with strong design elements that come together to create amazing furniture pieces. The rustic collection combines beauty, functionality and comfort with warm tones and classical accents. Natural materials such as wood, stone, glass and metal are used every piece. The frames are finished in various wood shades like walnut, cherry or oak while the upholstery gives these pieces a luxurious feel with fabrics including twill, linen or velvet adding an extra level of comfort.

Some key features of these Rustic Northridge Home Furniture pieces include:

  • Wooden frames finished in walnut, cherry or oak hues.
  • Upholstery in twill fabrics for added luxury and comfortability.
  • Stone table tops with metal legs for durability and stability.
  • Classical accents such as rolled arms on chairs and benches for maximum style points!
  • Unique shapes like square tables or curved armchairs for customized looks.

Where to Buy Northridge Home Furniture

Northridge Home Furniture is renowned for its quality construction and versatile design. Whether you are looking for classic furniture styles or modern, contemporary pieces, you can find everything you need at Northridge Home Furniture. With dozens of different styles and collections to choose from, this is a great place to begin your search for the perfect piece of furniture.

Let’s take a closer look at the different styles of Northridge Home Furniture to buy:

Online Stores

For buyers looking to purchase quality Northridge Home Furniture, there are a variety of online stores available. Online stores offer the convenience of shopping from the comfort of home while still providing helpful customer service and knowledgeable staff. Customers can browse through thousands of products to find the perfect fit for their home or office. Plus, customers are guaranteed competitive prices and free delivery with most orders.

When it comes to selecting Northridge Home Furniture, online stores offer an unbeatable selection and quality. From sofas, chairs and tables to bedroom sets, office desks, dining room sets and more, online stores have everything you need to furnish your home or office with elegant elegance. Plus, customers can conveniently narrow their searches by style and finishing type using helpful search filters. All products come with detailed product information so buyers can checkout confidently knowing they will be satisfied with the purchase they make.

Online shoppers also have access to exclusive discounts when shopping for Northridge Home Furniture via select websites such as Amazon or Overstock. Furthermore, customer support is provided via phone or email should buyers need assistance when making a purchase decision. With numerous choices in scale size, material type, colors and textures available at affordable prices; it’s no wonder why online shoppers prefer buying Northridge Home Furniture!

Local Stores

Finding Northridge Home Furniture in your local area can be a challenge, but there are several independent stores that carry the collection. These stores often have sales and weekly promotions that offer additional savings on your purchase. Here’s an overview of some of the furniture retailers to get you started:

  • Raymour & Flanigan: Raymour & Flanigan offers a wide selection of Northridge Home furniture, from small accent pieces and beds to full-size sofas, chairs and tables. The store also has the latest home décor items so you can bring your overall design together for a unique look.
  • Macy’s: Macy’s is known for its high end furniture collections and Northridge Home Furniture is among them. Several Rochester–area locations carry the brand with an extensive assortment of upholstered sofas, chairs and recliners, as well as bedroom sets, occasional tables, tv stands and dining sets.
  • Wayfair: Wayfair is an online retailer with a huge selection of ready to assemble furniture that ships directly to your door at no extra cost. You can find many popular styles in the Northridge Home Furniture line at discounted prices – not to mention free returns if you decide it’s not quite what you expected!
  • Overstock: Overstock is another great resource for acquiring designer furniture like Northridge Home pieces without breaking your budget. The site offers daily specials on plenty of luxury items including entire bedroom suites from this brand. Overstock also allows members access to exclusive deals throughout the year on select lifestyle brands like Northridge Home Furniture that you won’t find elsewhere!

Benefits of Selling Northridge Home Furniture

Selling Northridge Home Furniture is a great way to make money and bring style and sophistication to your customers’ homes. Northridge Home Furniture offers a wide selection of unique and traditional materials, colors, and designs. Not only that, but Northridge Home Furniture is known for its craftsmanship and quality construction.

This article will explore the benefits of selling Northridge Home Furniture:


When it comes to the quality of Northridge Home Furniture, you won’t be disappointed. All materials are carefully chosen and inspected for durability to ensure that customers receive products that will last over time. The craftsmanship is second-to-none, utilizing modern technology and methods to create pieces of furniture that stand out in style and longevity.

From the selection of beautiful fabrics to the construction with top-tier woods, Northridge Home Furniture ensures elegance with every purchase. Furthermore, all furniture is designed with comfort in mind—their sofas are particularly comfortable and have been engineered for maximum coziness. With a specialized team of expert designers dedicated to producing stunning interior designs, you can be sure you’re providing your customers with some of the highest quality furniture on the market.