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Difference Between Duration Home vs Emerald Interior

Duration Home and Emerald Interior are two popular interior design companies that offer a variety of services to clients. Duration Home is a full-service design firm that focuses on creating timeless, luxurious, and functional spaces that reflect the client’s style and personality. On the other hand, Emerald Interior specializes in custom-made furniture and unique decorative pieces that take interior design to the next level.

Duration home vs emerald interior

Duration Home and Emerald Interior are architectural designs used in residential construction to create custom homes without a cookie-cutter look. The two styles differ in terms of exterior visual appeal, interior style and function, and the overall cost of construction.

Duration Home is an architectural style developed by the renowned architect I.M. Pei in the 1950s. This style combines elements from traditional residential architecture with modern materials such as stone and steel resulting in a distinctive yet minimalist appearance for homes. Duration homes often feature luxurious interiors with spacious rooms, formal living areas, grand foyers and modern fixtures such as glass-paned walls, fireplaces and skylights.

Emerald Interior is a newer design method that takes design cues from modern architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, creating an aesthetically pleasing balance between minimalism and inviting opulence. This style includes several unique features such as high ceilings with exposed beams, open floor plans that encourage air flow throughout the home, natural light utilization through windows or skylights, earthy materials found throughout the interior space like slate floors or quartz countertops, and eclectic furnishings that express personality of those living within the home whilst also fitting into overall concept of modern-meets-traditional architecture for a timeless look.

Both Duration Home and Emerald Interior styles provide distinct advantages to homeowners looking for custom designs outside typical housing models—driving more equity into their property with cost effective solutions that increase their home values while offering superior forms of luxury at every turn; creating warm yet sophisticated spaces suitable for any lifestyle preference or need.


The designs of Duration Home and Emerald Interiors are quite different. Duration Home has a more modern, sleek look while Emerald Interiors offers a more traditional, classical look. Both companies offer a variety of colors and materials to choose from but they have their own unique styles. Duration Home focuses on creating minimalistic, contemporary designs while Emerald Interiors leans more towards classic, timeless designs. Let’s take a closer look at the design differences between these two companies:

Difference in the design of Duration Home and Emerald Interior

Duration Home and Emerald Interior are two of the leading interior design companies operating in India. Both offer a wide range of services and employ qualified professionals to provide high-quality results. While both companies provide a similar range of services, there are distinct differences in their approach and design style that can be observed between the two.

Duration Home is renowned for its modernist and minimalist look that makes use of clean lines, light colors and minimal decoration to give a sleek, chic feel to its interiors. The focus is on creating space while incorporating furniture that is functional yet visually appealing. To achieve this look, Duration Home uses contemporary materials such as stainless steel, glass, stone and concrete mixed with traditional materials like wood, leather or fabric.

Conversely, Emerald Interior has carved out an impressive niche in providing luxury interiors with an opulent aesthetic feel. The company uses luxurious raw materials such as velvet fabric for upholstery combined with glossy finishes on solid wood cabinets and exotic marbles for floors etc., All these come together to create grand spaces through custom-made furnishings that are designed specifically to reflect the client’s lifestyle needs as well as personal sense of style.

Thus by comparing the design approach taken by Duration Home versus Emerald Interior it can be seen that Duration’s modernist look clashes with Emerald Interior’s opulent designs when it comes to choosing interior decor for your home or office space.


When it comes to the comparison between Duration Home and Emerald Interior materials, there are some similarities and differences. Duration Home is known for its durability and fire-resistant properties, while Emerald Interior offers a more traditional look as well as a range of finishes and styles. Both materials also come in different thickness levels, from 12mm to 20mm.

Difference in the materials used in Duration Home and Emerald Interior

When comparing Duration Home and Emerald Interior, there are some distinct differences in the materials used. Duration Home is a premium interior paint with a finely crafted formula that offers superior washability, superior hide and strong adherence to most surfaces. It also has great hide ensuring excellent coverage and durable protection. The paint contains alkyd resin, often referred to as oil-based paint which discourages flaking or peeling when applied on walls or ceiling surfaces.

Emerald Interior is the latest innovation in water-based paints and produces beautiful color results while giving you a healthier indoor environment with low VOCs after painting. It contains a polyacrylic resin which will give you better stain resistance compared to oil-based paints with its good adhesion that creates a strong bond between the walls surface and the new coat of paint helping it resist damage due to humidity or soaking. This superior technology also provides longterm protection against fading from UV exposure which makes it ideal for use in any home.


When it comes to cost, there is a significant difference between a Duration Home and an Emerald Interior. The cost of buying a Duration Home will be much more expensive than the cost of purchasing an Emerald Interior. The cost of buying a Duration Home is usually much higher due to the increased complexity in the design of the home and the quality of materials used. On the other hand, Emerald Interiors offer much more affordable prices due to their simpler designs.

Difference in the cost of Duration Home and Emerald Interior

Duration Home and Emerald Interior are two of the leading manufacturers of outdoor living upgrades. Though they offer different styles and amenities, they both provide quality products that come with the assurance of longevity. When deciding between these two products, one notable factor to consider is difference in cost.

Duration Home provides mostly upscale luxury options that have higher prices compared to Emerald Interior, which has a wide range of categories from budget-friendly to mid-range to upscale. With Duration Home, you can expect to get higher quality materials but with a much hefty price tag. On the other hand, Emerald Interior can offer you quality amenities within a more manageable price range.

In terms of construction costs for outdoor living upgrades, Durations Home is typically about 10%-15% more expensive than Emerald Interior for similar types of projects in terms of size and scope. The Durations Home electric retractable awning can cost up to $3,300; while an electric retractable model from Emerald Interior ranges around $1,900 – $2,200 depending on the size needed to complete your space.

When considering Duration In comparison to Emerald Interior’s traditionally more economical building style aesthetics cost-wise; it is important to remember that value depends greatly upon how well the product performs over time as well as its aesthetic appeal. Additionally it is wise to keep personal preference in mind when determining which exterior design product best suits your needs and lifestyle.


Maintenance is an important factor to consider when selecting a home, particularly when choosing between Duration Home vs Emerald Interior.

Duration Home is known for its relatively low maintenance, due to its use of durable materials and well-made construction. Conversely, Emerald Interior homes require more maintenance due to their use of more complex materials, finishes, and designs that require frequent care and upkeep.

Difference in the maintenance of Duration Home and Emerald Interior

Duration Home and Emerald Interior are two popular interior paints produced by Sherwin-Williams. Though they are both high quality products with excellent coverage, there are differences in the maintenance requirements for each. Duration Home paint requires regular less frequent maintenance. In general, you will simply need to wash walls with a soap and water solution once every year or two. This is an easy step that ensures the paint film remains strong and resistant to dirt and grime buildup over time.

Emerald Interior provides superior performance for busy households and areas that may be more prone to messes. While it does require more frequent maintenance, this should still only be necessary once every few months to keep walls looking their best. You’ll need to use a slightly stronger detergent when cleaning Emerald interior walls but this should take little effort or time and will leave rooms sparkling clean!


Both Duration Home and Emerald Interior are great options if you’re looking for high-quality furniture that will last for years. Duration Home offers beautiful furniture pieces made of sustainable materials while Emerald Interior offers more traditional and timeless furniture pieces. Depending on your style and needs, either of these companies can provide you with the perfect furniture to decorate your home.