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  • A Few Things You Can Do To Save Your Lawn From A Grub Infestation

    Grubs are a type of beetle that feed on the roots of grass and other plants. They can cause significant damage to lawns, so it’s important to take care of them as soon as you see one. Grubs are a type of beetle that can damage lawns. If you want to save your lawn from […]

  • Painting Inside Of Front Door

     Here we share our painting inside of front door design guide including reasons why, should it match the exterior or not, types of paint and tips on doors with sidelights. Like any other surface or area in your home, there is no “rule” so to speak, whether you can or cannot paint the inside […]

  • Why Are Ryobi Batteries So Bad?

    Ryobi batteries are “known for their short lifespan”, which is probably the main reason why the company says that their customer base “is predominantly contractor and DIYer” rather than “homeowners.” However, there are many other reasons why people choose to purchase Ryobi batteries, one of which is the fact that the company has a great […]