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Painting Inside Of Front Door

Here we share our painting inside of front door design guide including reasons why, should it match the exterior or not, types of paint and tips on doors with sidelights. Like any other surface or area in your home, there is no “rule” so to speak, whether you can or cannot paint the inside of your front door.

Everything is up to you, and if you believe it will make you happy or improve the appearance of your home, then go ahead and paint the inside of your door a different color from the exterior.

Do You Have A Front Door That Is Painted On The Inside?

1629235338_39_Painting-Inside-Of-Front-Door There are a variety of reasons why you may wish to repaint the interior of your front door. The most frequent cause is that some individuals want all of the interior doors to match a certain color scheme, but the front door color is wrong.

Alternatively, we may have chosen a really bright and strong accent color for the front door that matches the outside of the home but not your interiors.

There are many reasons why you may wish to alter the color of your door. At the end of the day, it’s simply a color, no matter how shallow your justifications are.

It will have no effect on the structural stability of your house, so have fun with it!

Should both sides of your front door be the same color?

1629235339_962_Painting-Inside-Of-Front-Door If you’re wondering what designers might recommend, we’ll offer you a few suggestions, but keep in mind that these are just suggestions, not strict rules.

If you have natural wooden front doors that reveal their original color/grains, a designer will likely advise you to leave them alone. If the color is wrong, you may alter the tone by bleaching it if it’s too dark, or staining it darker if it’s too light.

Going lighter, on the other hand, is more challenging since you’ll have to remove old wood dyes and finishes. Most people would advise against painting just the inside side of the door and leaving the outside unpainted.

You may either leave it all wood or paint it whatever color you like. More information on our guide to the finest interior door paint ideas can be found here.

Painting the inside and outside of a front door a different color

Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide This will be simpler if your front door is already painted and you only want a different color for the inside side, since the texture will be the same, as opposed to a natural wood door with a painted interior side.

This is quite popular, particularly if you want to stick to a certain color scheme for the interiors or if you want your front door to stand out.

If your door includes sidelights, you may or may not want the sidelight frames to match the rest of the door. Again, it’s all up to you. You may choose to paint the door a different color than the sidelights and transom if you want it to stand out.

It’s also a good idea to paint everything the same color. Just make sure the glass portions are protected with paper and painter’s tape while you work on the repairs. 

You can essentially do anything you want with your front door, depending on your theme or the appearance you want to create. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to paint it in a neutral tone, a vibrant color, or leave it natural. 

The method of painting these two types of doors would be different if they were to be painted over existing doors or natural timber doors.

If you’re painting unfinished wooden doors, be sure to fill in all the wood bores and flaws using wood fillers first. You’ll also need to apply primer before painting. Here’s where you can learn more about our guide to paint colors that work with cherry wood flooring.

On a front door, what kind of paint do you use?

1627515555_412_How-To-Measure-A-Door-Tips-Measurement-Guide Durable, mold-resistant, and moisture-resistant paints such as acrylic resin, latex-based paints, or oil-based paints are suggested for external doors. Semi-gloss paints are the most popular choice for this project because of their easy-to-clean surface.

If you choose oil-based paint, it will typically come in a high-gloss finish and will be somewhat more resistant to chipping, making it a more long-lasting choice.

It’ll be a little more difficult if you’re painting over existing paint on doors. If you’re going to apply latex paint over oil-based paint, you’ll need to use a primer first. Some manufacturers provide paints that may be applied directly over oil-based paint without the need of a primer.

You may want to check into that. If you’re dealing with pre-primed doors or doors that have already been coated with latex-based paint, you won’t need priming and can just paint them.

If you’re painting an old, chipped painted door, attempt to remove the current paint if it’s already chipped, or at the very least sand it smooth before applying primer. This is essential because if you miss this step, the texture of the chipped places will appear.

1629235341_857_Painting-Inside-Of-Front-Door Your front door will certainly stand out if you paint it a distinctive, vibrant color. If you live in a duplex or townhouse with similar-looking facades and entrance doors, painting your door a different color will not only make it stand out, but will also make it easier for you (and your delivery services!) to recognize your property. Here’s where you can learn more about our front door color recommendations.

Interior Front Door With Sidelights Painting

1629235342_362_Painting-Inside-Of-Front-Door Sidelights and transom windows don’t have to be painted the same color as your doors. The white frame and sidelights let the dark-painted door stand out even more. Semi-matte black doors have been popular recently.

1628894536_889_Interior-Door-Paint-Ideas-Painting-Design-Guide If you have a solid wood entrance door, consider using treatments that bring out the natural beauty of the wood grains.

We have an arched entrance door with wood stain in this example, which adds a touch of rustic charm while standing out against the white-painted inside doors.

1629235343_593_Painting-Inside-Of-Front-Door It is not always necessary to choose a strong paint hue. If you like neutrals, painting your door frame and doors in a range of neutral paint tones will provide a subtle contrast. This makes your entrance door stand out while being inconspicuous.

1629235344_46_Painting-Inside-Of-Front-Door The use of black for this entrance door contrasts well with the white sidelights. It still appears put-together, however, since the black matches the paint used on the wrought iron accents on the transom and on the windows.

1629235344_92_Painting-Inside-Of-Front-Door Another excellent example of choosing a modest hue for your front door is this one. The cream-yellow tone is light and subtle, so it doesn’t draw attention to itself, yet it still creates a unique environment.

1629235345_257_Painting-Inside-Of-Front-Door Painting your entrance door in a distinctive color that doesn’t duplicate in any of your internal doors is a fantastic option if you truly want it to be a focal point.

The doors and sidelights in this example are painted in a beautiful cornflower blue hue, which gives the entrance area a new appearance. On this page, you may find more relevant information in our post on doors with sidelights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you paint the inside of your front door?

No, I do not paint the inside of my front door.

What kind of paint to use on the inside of a front door?

The best paint to use on the inside of a front door is a semi-gloss white paint.

Can you paint the inside of a door?

No, I cannot paint the inside of a door.

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