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16 Types of Keys to Lock away Your Security Concerns

There are many ways to secure your home and protect yourself from thieves or intruders, but these 16 keys will make sure you have the right tools for the job. Better still, they’re all affordable and easy to use!

The “types of keys and locks” is an article that discusses the different types of key locks. The article also gives a list of 16 types of keys.

Locks and keys have existed since the dawn of time. As our civilization became more complicated, so did our security systems and the many sorts of keys that were accessible.

There are 16 different types of keys.

With new security risks arising all the time, we’ve been pressed to develop answers to them as well. Here are the 16 different sorts of keys that have been created to meet our various requirements.

Key to the Transponder


The key to a car or any other sort of vehicle is generally a transponder key. As a safety precaution against automobile theft, such keys have been fitted with a chip or a radiofrequency transmitter.

When the key is inserted into the ignition, it sends a low-frequency radio signal to a computer near the car’s ignition switch.

The automobile will only start if you place the key that was specially programmed for your vehicle into the ignition. If a different key is used, some autos will shut down altogether.

These keys cannot be simply reproduced using a key cutter or even at a hardware shop; instead, you must contact the dealer to have a copy created and programmed to the model. This is a time-consuming and costly procedure that deters criminals.

Key that has been laser-cut


Because the blades of laser-cut keys do not have carved grooves, they vary from normal keys. Instead, special machinery is utilized to carve a single long groove through the key’s center.

The key is easy to use since it may be inserted from any direction because this cut is done on both sides of the blade. Furthermore, each laser-cut key is one-of-a-kind, making it impossible to copy.

Laser-cut automobile keys are difficult to reproduce because to the high cost and scarcity of laser cutting devices. To get a replacement key, you must contact the dealership. These characteristics make automobiles with laser-cut keys less likely to be stolen.

Key to Dimples


Dimple keys have a rectangular blade depressed on both sides with cone-shaped dimples. They do not have any additional security measures, such as the transponder key, but they are quite simple to use.

On both sides of the key’s blade, the dimples are symmetrically placed. This guarantees that the lock may be opened regardless of which direction the key is inserted. These keys normally contain two rows of dimples that match to the lock’s cone-shaped pins.

These keys cannot be reproduced in this manner, which is not the safest choice. These locks come with a card or a code that must be used to purchase duplicate keys.

Valet Key


Valet keys are a kind of extra key that comes with your vehicle. Valet keys have restricted access to your car’s functions, but the primary key has full access. They may be used to start the automobile and open doors.

This implies that, other from unlocking the door and starting the vehicle, valet keys cannot unlock the glove box, open the trunk, or perform any other function that your key can.

Your car is more vulnerable to theft if you use valet keys. Because most high-end keys are difficult to replicate cheaply, auto thieves often attempt to take your valet keys in order to steal the vehicle. Because valet keys might be used to start the automobile, this can be a significant issue.

Because some car manufacturers include valet keys in the glove box when you buy a car, you should always remove them as soon as possible to avoid vehicle theft.

Except for this flaw, valet keys are a useful accessory to have, particularly if you often utilize valet services. You don’t have to worry about your vehicle being stolen if you give it over to the valet.



Keycards are cards around the size and form of a credit card that may be used to open doors. Although they don’t look like traditional keys, keycards fulfill the same tasks as traditional keys with the additional advantage of increased security.

Keycards also exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they work in a variety of ways. Some keycards feature holes that are detected by LEDs, others utilize magnetic stripes, and still others use RFID microchip technology.

These sorts of door keys are often seen in hotels and government buildings. In these situations, keycards are safer, more convenient, and cost efficient since they are easy to replace and reprogram.

Tubular Locked Key


Tubular keys vary from standard keys in that they are tubular in form and are much shorter. They’re also known as round pin tumbler keys or barrel keys.

They’re often seen in ATMs, vending machines, shop glass cabinets, and elevators. They aid with the prevention of damage, theft, and unwanted access. Tubular keys are a good choice since they are tough to imitate.

The primary identifier


While most key designs are only meant to open one lock, main keys may open many. Each lock has its own key that may be used to unlock it, but it can also be opened with a main key.

A small hotel or guesthouse owner may find primary keys handy. These keys provide entry to many rooms without requiring the occupant’s own key. In an emergency, this ability may be quite useful.

At the same time, losing a main key may create a lot of problems, including property damage or loss.

Key that is Paracentric


At the end of a twisted blade, paracentric keys feature extremely tiny teeth. These keys are difficult to copy due to their unique design. It’s also difficult to pick paracentric locks. These keys are often used in prisons since they have these characteristics.

Abloy Key


On disc tumbler locks with a springless mechanism, Abloy key types are utilized. Because of these qualities, such locks are very difficult to pick, making them ideal for front and rear doors, garages, and garage door alternatives.

They are the safest locks to put in your home to prevent burglars from entering. Because Abloy locks are a reliable and secure alternative, they are used in the majority of Finnish homes.

Key of the Skeleton


Warded locks feature a series of obstacles that can only be opened with keys that have notches or slots that match to the lock’s impediments. To warded locks, a skeleton key functions as a master key.

Skeletal keys are warded lock keys with jagged edges that have been filed away to reveal the key’s skeleton structure. This skeleton may be used to open a variety of doors.

Handcuffs and hotels that don’t have an electronic keycard system often employ skeleton keys.

Key of the Cruciform


In industrial environments, cruciform keys are often employed. The X-shaped cross sections of these keys help to identify them. The X-shape is created by the four pairs of teeth on the blade being at 90-degree angles.

Without a duplicate key, picking these locks is very difficult. Cruciform keys, on the other hand, are quite simple to reproduce. As a result, be cautious to keep yours secure.

Key that is magnetic


To open a lock, a magnetic key employs a system of numerous magnets to push or pull the tumblers inside it. The mechanism is controlled by magnetic force rather than electricity.

Permanent magnet keys and pins are used in magnetic locks because they are not influenced by other magnetic fields.

Key with two or four sides


Double or four-sided keys are often used in residential locks. The teeth on two or four sides of these sorts of home keys.

Because normal keys only have one pair of teeth, the extra teeth will increase security and make picking these locks more difficult. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to use them to fasten a sliding glass door.

Smart Key


Smart key styles are one of the most technologically sophisticated and secure solutions available. They’re comparable to transponder keys, however they have a lot more features. Smart keys, unlike ordinary keys, do not have blades and instead function as a remote control.

Smart vehicle keys employ rolling security codes for safety, similar to how transponders use RF waves as a safety feature. Only if the security code issued by the key matches the one stored in the vehicle’s computer will the engine start.

Furthermore, you may start the engine with the push of a button, eliminating the need to manually put keys into the ignition.

These keys are very difficult to reproduce due to their extensive features and functionalities. Only the dealership can provide you with a replacement. These keys are far more expensive than normal keys or transponder keys, yet they are currently the safest alternative available.

VAT Keys


“Vehicle anti-theft” is what VAT stands for. These are various sorts of keys that have microchips within them, and you can really update your own key if you don’t want to buy a new one. These implanted microchips include codes that are unique to your vehicle.

This not only prevents your key from being used in another vehicle, but it also prevents other keys with identical functions from starting your car. They’re effective deterrents since replicating them requires a lot of technological know-how. It’s just not worth a terrible guy’s time to accomplish.

Keys with a mechanical cut


These are the most basic sorts of door keys for locks, having patterns along the top that match tumblers and will open a door when raised to the correct lengths. They’re either machine-cut or die-cast. The issue with them is that they’re quite simple to duplicate. Going through a screen door or screen door alternatives is as simple as walking through a screen door.

They’re so simple to replicate that you can create copies for a few dollars at a grocery kiosk. If you care about security beyond the most basic deterrence, they’re just too simple.

Every Lock Has a Different Key Type

Locks and keys give us a feeling of protection and safety. Who knew there were so many various kinds of keys, each one addressing a distinct issue or being built for a certain purpose?

With so many new developments on the horizon, we can be certain that we will always be able to discover innovative methods to keep our property and ourselves secure. One of the most common methods is to use multiple sorts of keys.

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The “types of door keys” is a list that can help you decide which key to use for your home security. The article talks about 16 different types of keys and what they are used for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different key types?

A: The different key types are as follows.
-default/Standard Key type that most songs use, used to play the game (pitch A4)
-Alternate Pitch 0, 1 – Used in some songs or parts of a song where you want higher notes than what would be possible with pitch A4.

How many types of skeleton keys are there?

A: There are a variety of different types of skeleton keys, but the most common ones are the older style that have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. These would usually be made out of brass or iron with an intricate design on them.

What are the different types of car keys?

A: There are many types of car keys, but the most common type is a single key that opens your car door and starts it. The second most commonly used type is called an electronic chip key or ECKD which can be programmed to open any vehicle in addition to starting cars without traditional fobs. Some other types include remote entry systems on newer vehicles with built-in computer chips. Lastly, some people use transponder keys which have a small radio transmitter attached near the end of the key allowing you to start their car remotely just by holding up this specific section of their key over their dashboard receiver loop antennae

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